About Us

We’re not just looking to inform; we enable people to transform.

For us, wisdom isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon to lasting change, in culture, for many generations.


Our in-house team consists of researchers, writers, designers, animators and producers. On top of that we collaborate with a wide network of experts, journalists, voice actors and sound designers.

Oliver Gilpin

– C.E.O. –

Oliver is a passionate believer in the power of education to shape lives and societies. He has a software engineering and online marketing background, which he uses to create engaging and informative videos for learners of all ages and levels. He loves to share his passion and knowledge with others. and likes to travel, read, and play chess in his free time.

Venus Ogeiro

– Finance Manager –

Venus is a dedicated accountant who believes in the power of financial management in driving business growth. With an extensive career spanning over a decade, she is a seasoned expert in taxation, accounts, financial analysis and more. Beyond her profession, she finds joy and fulfillment in cherished moments with her family.

Thales Menezes

– Head of Design –

Passionate about design and motion graphics, Thales brings a unique blend of creativity and technical skill to the field. With a commitment to storytelling, he thrives in the world of visual communication. Outside of work, they savor exploring new places and enjoying the different culinary delights the world has to offer.

Louix Gilpin

– Content Strategist –

Louix is passionate about YouTube and human psychology. He has worked on multiple leading channels in their niche, from 500k subscribers all the way up to fifteen million. Louix is passionate about learning tactics and making high-quality content that people enjoy watching. He enjoys playing sports, reading and listening to podcasts in his free time.

Eduard Lacson

– Talent Sourcer/Recruiter –

A seasoned Talent Recruiter with 5+ years of HR and Talent Acquisition experience, Eduard excels in recruiting diverse roles. He led projects securing PRIME-HRM certification, played a pivotal HR Manager role in growing an Australian startup from 5 to 30 employees, and managed hiring for a JPMorgan Chase & Co. account.

Angel Herrera

– Project Manager –

Angel is committed to helping others see the bright side of things. With a foundation in project management, bolstered by his creativity and sharpened with analytical thinking, he offers a unique blend of experiences. Outside the office, he enjoys being a foodie, traveling to new places, and spending time with his dog, Nala.

Armando Duarte

– Head of Fundraising –

Armando is a pedagogue who believes in the power of stories to help others grow to their full potential. With an extensive background in the nonprofit sector he loves to create value and doing meaningful work. In his free time Armando enjoys writting and spending time with his family.

Alvaro Calmet

– Channel Director –

Alvaro, a dynamic YouTube Channel Director, brings expertise and creativity to content direction. With a passion for engaging audiences, he excels in shaping content strategy and managing diverse projects, always committed to fostering unique and captivating content.

Lucila Iniguez

– Channel Director –

A visionary YouTube Director, Lucila infuses innovation into content curation. With a keen eye for storytelling, she excels in steering content strategy and overseeing a spectrum of creative projects. Committed to cultivating a distinct and memorable experience, she is devoted to enhancing the channel’s reach and building meaningful connections with the audience.

Jordan Torres

– Channel Director –

Jordan is a creative visionary and leader at MrSpherical, excelling in team management and digital arts, including 3D modeling, animation, and concept art. His versatile artistic journey spans roles as a virtuoso storyteller, designer, and game developer, dedicated to crafting captivating narratives. In leisure, he pursues adventures driven by an insatiable thirst for new experiences.

Fede Berge

– Channel Director –

Federico is a life-long nerd and cinephile. He believes that well-crafted stories can influence society for good. He has a varied background as an electro-mechanical technician, web-designer, live-action director, 2D and 3D animator, programmer and game designer. Digital Animation lets him blend his technical knowledge and artistic tendencies with the goal of creating moving and thought provoking narratives.