We are constantly recruiting talented and creative humans, such as: Animators, editors, scriptwriters, creative directors, sound designers, thumbnail illustrators and channel managers. 

If you’re passionate about creating engaging and entertaining content, we want you on our team!


Available positions will be posted below

Creative Producer/Channel Growth Manager

Are you someone who:

  • Wants to lead a creative team to impacting millions of people
  • Is ready to challenge themselves and grow, both professionally and financially

If you do, then read on!

We’re on the lookout for enthusiastic and dynamic Creative Producers/Channel Directors who have the vision and drive to lead and elevate our newly created/existing channels. Our goal is to create educational content that’s exciting and engaging, while also promoting discussions around power, media literacy, and critical thinking.

Here’s what we think is an ideal candidate for the role:

  • Is a natural leader with exceptional management skills, capable of guiding a small team of 5-10 members.
  • Has experience in leading creative teams and possesses their own unique creative vision. We expect you to champion the channel’s vision and progressively develop it further.
  • Has a strong background in the Creator Economy or is an avid consumer of YouTube media, displaying a keen sense of quality and creativity. If you have experience in the animation space, that’s even better!
  • Understands the nuances between traditional TV and web/YouTube animation, including pacing, script styles, and formatting. We’re not looking for someone who replicates TV directing on YouTube – adaptability and familiarity with YouTube’s dynamic are key.

What your usual day would look like:

  • As the Producers/Managers of the channel, content, and brand vision, you’ll lead a team of 5-10 individuals towards your vision.
  • Oversee the video production pipeline, ensuring the team meets timelines and maintains quality standards.
  • Review, refine, and shape scripts, animation, and overall video content to align with the channel’s quality benchmarks.
  • Take charge of the Content Strategy, collaborating with writers and Content Strategists to plan upcoming videos.
  • Upload videos to YouTube and perform basic analytics analysis.
  • Continuously seek ways to iterate, improve yourself, the team’s processes, and elevate the channel’s quality.
  • Show a genuine interest in making an educational impact. We can match you with a niche that aligns with your passion, whether it’s history, medicine, or critical thinking!

We value your creative autonomy and aim to empower you to shape the channel’s brand vision. Once you’ve gained a solid understanding, our ultimate goal is to step back and allow you to take full ownership and drive its growth as if it were your own!

Feeling unsure if you are a fit? No worries, we can still match you with another position within the company that may suit you! We believe that good talents are hard to come by, so we don’t want to miss yours too!

👉  Apply Here: Creative Producer/Channel Growth Manager Application Form

YouTube/Moho Animator

We are on the lookout for the next amazing Animator to join our YouTube channel – an animation channel showcasing geopolitical and historical events in a fun, entertaining, and visually-stimulating format. We aim to help make education more broadly appealing – alongside teaching about power, media literacy, and critical thinking. We are guided by our company mission of educating and empowering people across the world. To know more about this, you may click here.

If you like:

Making impactful content that is also entertaining

Having your work seen by millions of people

Bringing education and entertainment together to make the world a better place

Keep reading ahead!

As an Animator, we are looking for someone who can:

·       Has experience doing animation for video content, preferably for YouTube videos

·       Preferably, well-versed in use of Moho Software for animation or is willing to learn the software

·       Has interest in animating geopolitical and historical concepts in an entertaining and visually stimulating format

·       Can work proactively and is reliable to work in a fast-paced environment

·       Is results oriented. Someone who values the output they produce

·       Is an excellent communicator. Someone who knows what to ask to achieve great results

Day to Day Responsibilities:

·       Animate YouTube videos that are aligned with the theme and tone of the channel

·       Continuously find ways to improve and innovate videos based on feedback from the team and the audience

·       Preferable: Illustrate backgrounds for the videos you’re animating

Important Note: As an Animator, you will be given the opportunity and responsibility to do a short video from start to finish or a section of a longer video, either with or without the help of a background illustrator.

With this in mind, are you ready to take on the challenge?

 👉 Apply here: Animator Application Form


Video Editor

We are searching for a talented and dynamic Video Editor to join our YouTube channel team. The ideal candidate will have a keen understanding of viewer retention, the ability to inject humor through quick edits and sound effects, a knack for selecting the right background music, and the efficiency to deliver content with a fast turnaround time.

If you’re passionate about creating engaging and entertaining content, we want you on our team!

An Ideal Video Editor is someone who:

  1. Can structure video clips to maintain viewer interest throughout 10 to 20-minute videos, ensuring content remains engaging and compelling.
  2. Can inject humor and entertainment into videos by adding quick, funny edits and sound effects that enhance the overall viewer experience.
  3. Possesses a deep understanding of music to select appropriate background tracks that complement the mood and content of the video.
  4. Can edit and deliver videos within tight deadlines to ensure consistent and timely content uploads.


  • Proficiency in video editing software
  • Strong sense of humor and creativity for adding funny edits and sound effects.
  • Musical sensitivity to select suitable background music for various video types.
  • Ability to maintain high-quality editing while working efficiently to meet deadlines.
  • Attention to detail and a passion for storytelling through video.
  • Familiarity with YouTube’s best practices and trends is a plus.

How to Apply:

Fill out this Google Form:

A selection of candidates will be reached out to if shortlisted

A selection of such candidates will do a short test

A selection of such candidates will do an interview