Our Brands

Discover a perfect blend of fun and education with our animation brands!

Dive into a world where learning is a thrilling adventure, brought to life through our engaging and entertaining YouTube animations that have struck a chord with millions of viewers worldwide.


Historical and geopolitical comedy videos with just the right amount of education, featuring countries represented as ball-shaped characters. We produce fun Countryball videos about current topics, geopolitics, historical events… or anything we imagine!


A Planetballs/Spaceballs channel where you’ll get to meet the planets of our Solar System. You’ll be having so much fun with their personalities, it’ll be too late when you notice you’re learning all sorts of interesting things.

Human Buddy

A humorous show about the Human Body where the audience is taken on adventures and discovers how each body part reacts to usual and… unusual, circumstances.

Coming Soon…

We have an exciting lineup of innovative content and diverse channels in the works. Stay tuned for more thrilling adventures in the world of knowledge and fun!